Dreamers have painstakingly honed their sound and the result is an electrical storm of punk rock and minimal techno. Dreamers strive to push the electronic envelope while staying true to their anti-homogenization heritage. Williamson's driving, angular production coupled with Gold's haunting tenor make for a Souxsie meets Modeselektor double feature....(cont'd)

  • ESP

    2011 signaled the birth of a new Los Angeles-based musical triumvirate whose classical training and enthralling sonic automatism drives an experimental and cinematic vision of popular music. Synesthetic, synth-laden dreamscapes, literally popping with hypercolored visuals, this is E.S.P, the sights, sounds and sensory overload of the West Coast cosmos. The brother / sister combo of ASKA and Seiya Matsumiya (keyboards / vocals & keyboards / electronics, respectively) are joined by dear friend Bobby Evans (drums & electronics)....(cont'd)


    Like their Greek namesake, Hecuba have never shied away from extreme expressiveness and emotional honesty. Although Hecuba have been called "relentless experimentalists" their work remains rooted in classical form that is at once straightforward and wildly inventive. On their first EP Sir (Manimal Vinyl) the duo inhabited the archetypal roles of cat and mouse caught in an endless cycle of romance and violence like the Tom and Jerry they invoke on the record. Sir is a uncontrollably adventurous cartoon world filled with extreme shifts in emotion and style accompanied by a hyper speed remix by Lucky Dragons....(cont'd)


    Lucky Dragons is an ongoing collaboration between Los Angeles-based artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck. Active as a band since 2000, they are known for their participatory approach to making music, radically inclusive live shows, and playful, humanistic use of digital tools. Fischbeck and Rara have presented collaborative work in a wide variety of contexts, including the Whitney Museum of American Art (as part of the 2008 Whitney Biennial), the Centre Georges Pompidou, Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, London's Institute for Contemporary Art, The Kitchen and PS1 in New York, REDCAT and LACMA in Los Angeles, MOCA Los Angeles, the 54th Venice Biennale, and the Smithsonian's Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, among others. The name "lucky dragons" is borrowed from a fishing vessel that was caught in the fallout from h-bomb tests in the mid-1950's, an incident which sparked international outcry and gave birth to the worldwide anti-nuclear movement.

  • The mOOnbird

    Jonatan Bengta (best know for his stage name The mOOnbird) was born in Haderslev, Denmark - a small sleepy valley with more than 20% crippled people and a brewery called Fuglsang (Bird Song). Bengta's mind and music is shaped by Scandinavia's dark, stormy and icy winters, but his favorite hangouts are wet jungles and primary rainforests. This is also where a lot of his field recordings are captured. Bengta's fascination with green jungles and old calypso crooners is outspoken on both his debut EP, Tropical Distractions (2010) and his first full length, This Is Viking (2013).


    Formed in the summer of 2008 by film composer Robbie Williamson and choreographer Ryan Heffington, We Are The World's aim was to create devastating electronic pop music. Joining forces with designer Megan Gold and former CIA agent turned burlesque dancer Nina McNeely, they combined Gold's provocative lyrics and Williamson's heavy minimal tracks with Heffington and McNeely's visceral dancing, and their first live shows were at the infamous roving Echo Park party Fingered....(cont'd)